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Inner Light Collective

Bathurst, New South Wales Australia



Erin founded Inner Light Collective after spending years working one on one with women to help heal their past, find peace in the present and gain hope in their future.

As a Reiki practitioner, intuitive healer and soul guide Erin was constantly developing new ways to work with reiki to advance the wellbeing of her clients. Erin began integrating her passion for energy by creating Reiki/crystal infused intention candles and ritual kits. Each product is made by hand, cleansed, poured with love and infused individually with soul aligned intention and reiki healing energy.

As well as the Candles Erin Creates Ritual products, such as Moon Ritual Kits, Smudge Bundles and Fertility Support as well as Conscious Birthing boxes for Mamas.

Other Products include Essential oil blends and Sacred Spray Energy Cleansing Mists.

Erin started the Inner Light Collective store as she wanted a space that she could share her love of alchemy and all things magic. Erin also offers services such as Reiki Healing, face to face and also via distance. Past Life Regression and Tarot Card readings.


Business Type: Both in-person and online/remote