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Mina's Healing Rhythm

Store 51, Fremantle Markets
Fremantle, Western Australia 6160 Australia


Mina's Healing Rhythm is a captivating and uplifting New Age gift shop that aims to provide customers with a unique and transformative experience. With an extensive collection of gemstone jewellery, crystal specimens, and tumbled gemstones, the shop offers a diverse range of products to meet the spiritual and healing needs of individuals.

Customers can explore a wide selection of Feng Shui products, including buddhas, bagua mirrors, bells, moonfrogs, talismans, and windchimes, which are designed to harmonise energy flow and promote positive vibes in living spaces. The shop also boasts an impressive assortment of books covering various aspects of the healing arts, meditation, Osho, Buddhism, spiritual teachers, angels, uplifting thoughts, wicca, esoterica, and tarot cards, allowing customers to delve into the depths of spiritual knowledge and self-discovery.

For those seeking audio inspiration, Mina's Healing Rhythm offers a range of CDs and tapes specialising in guided meditation, hypnosis, relaxation, Reiki, ambient, and world music. These soothing sounds create an atmosphere conducive to relaxation, inner peace, and personal growth. Additionally, the shop provides an array of incense, cards, and unusual gifts, allowing customers to find something truly special for themselves or their loved ones.

At Mina's Healing Rhythm, customers can expect more than just a shopping experience. The Moon Rhythm atmosphere and exceptional service aim to create a tranquil and welcoming space where individuals can immerse themselves in the wonders of the New Age realm. Whether seeking healing, spiritual growth, or simply a moment of serenity, Mina's Healing Rhythm is the perfect destination to explore and embrace the magic of inspiration and transformation.

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Business Type: In-person only