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The Wandering Moon Co.

East Geelong
East Geelong, Victoria 3219 Australia



Hi, I’m Rachael, the creator behind The Wandering Moon Tarot, The Wandering Soul Oracle, the Midnight Sky tarot, and the major arcana deck; The Wandering Echo.

Illustration, deck creation, divination (tarot and oracle), journaling, & journal making are all so important in my life. I know how blessed I am that I get to bring together all of these loved and create every single day..

In early 2021 The Wandering Moon Tarot went live on Kickstarter. It reached full funding in only 35 minutes. Very quickly I realised I needed a business and an online store in which to sell the deck amd any further items created. And so The Wandering Moon Co. was born.

Combining both the Etsy store and Shopify store, the WMC has made over 20k sales in the two years since it's beginning. From single page digital downloads, softcover journals, divination decks, and the newly released journal section, Chronic Wellness. This is a specific section of the stores where journal pages for those with chronic pain and illness can be be found. The most popular of these journal pages have been put together made into a 194 page soft cover journal entitled 'Holding Space for Myself: a journal for chronic pain & illness'. 

More about the WMC can be found at or by following along on Instagram @thewanderingmoonco & @wandering.rachael 


Business Type: Online/Remote only



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